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23 Feb Tenant-Landlord Law in San Francisco

Rent Control Regulations, the Ellis Act, Tenant Eviction Law and Tenant Relocation Fees in San Francisco Residential Rent Stabilization and Arbitration Ordinance - Buyers and sellers are responsible for determining any rights and obligations they may have under San Francisco’s Rent Ordinance. It is strongly recommended...

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23 Feb Renting Instead of Selling Your Home

Depending on your circumstances, plans and current market conditions, renting one’s home instead of selling it may certainly be an option worth seriously considering. If you don't need your sale proceeds to buy your next home, owning rental property may be a viable, long-term investment choice, especially...

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23 Feb Seasonality & Real Estate Markets

The Effects of Seasonality on the San Francisco Homes Market January 2015 ReportSeasonality typically affects inventory levels, buyer demand and median home prices, often in significant ways - as is illustrated in the following charts. However, it is not theonly factor affecting market conditions and trends -...

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