Napa Sonoma Fire, Let’s Help! We are Matching Donations

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13 Oct Napa Sonoma Fire, Let’s Help! We are Matching Donations

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Let’s get together and help our friends in wine country.

Hello everyone, 

Smelling and seeing the smoke here in San Francisco, and knowing that 4,000 homes have burnt in the North Bay and thousands of folks have lost their homes, I’ve honestly felt a little paralyzed. But now I’m ready to take action, and I hope you’ll join me. There are 3 major ways to make a difference right now. Here’s how we can all help those who are affected by the fires:

1). Donate money-

Cash is the best, most useful donation, as it reduces waste and is the easiest for organizations to use. Praveen and I will match up to $5,000 in total donations towards the Napa relief.  Forward your donation receipts to so that we can match your donation! Feel free to pass this message along. Here are three suggestions to donate to –  Go Fund Me, Red Cross, and Humane Society

2). Donate space- 

If you have an extra bedroom or an in-law in your home that is unused, you can volunteer that space through AirBnB so that fire evacuees have a place to stay. 30,000 people have done this already – let’s join them. Click here to learn more.

3). Donate items-

We will be collecting donations at Paragon until 10/17 Tues, and working with other businesses in the community such as Love on Haight and Sports Basement to get supplies delivered to those in need. Please drop off your items at our office at 1400 Van Ness Avenue and we’ll take it from there. Items needed are: tents, sleeping bags, bedding & pillows, air mattresses, hygiene products, flashlights, extension cords, smart phone chargers, tarps, non-perishable food, Kleenex, adult socks, saline nasal rinse, baby bottles/ formula, baby wipes, baby food, pet supplies, boxes, duct tape, propane.

To me, the most important thing people need is a home, and to lose your home in a tragedy like this is unthinkable. I hope you’ll take this journey with me, so that we can make a difference.

Thank you!


Ruth Krishnan

The Krishnan Team
(415) 735-5867