1726 Mission Street at Duboce

1726 Mission Street @Duboce


1726 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103






1726 Mission is a half a block from the last elevated section of the 101 Freeway, close to the Mission St off ramp. A grid of baffles deflects sound from the glazed façade. Sliding doors open to provide ‘French Balconies’ to the units.

The ground floor has retail space which connects to the building lobby, with parking set back from the street at the rear of the lot. Each of the four corners of the building are two bedroom pod units with second bedrooms adjacent to light courts, one of which matches the light court of the neighboring building. Between these four bedroom corner units, on the lower levels, four thickened wall studio units fill in the center. On the top two levels these are combine to make larger two bedroom units.

This section of Mission Street comprises a diverse variety of building types and scales – across the street is a large brick ribbon window industrial building, mixed with repair shops and bay window residential structures. This new building is articulated at a residential scale using materials related to other building types on the street.

Developer: Sustainable Development, LLC


As of 4/16/19 – Coming soon – Estimated 4th Quarter 2019.   Contact us or sign up for our SF New Development Newsletter [Click Here] to get the latest update.


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