Paragon Market Analytics in the Media

31 Aug Paragon Market Analytics in the Media

Data is the foundation for making informed decisions regarding the purchase, sale, and ongoing ownership of real estate, which is why Paragon makes such a huge effort to generate straightforward, reliable and detailed market analytics far beyond the scope of other brokerages.

In recent years, Paragon has become the premier source of Bay Area real estate market data and its reports are regularly cited in news media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, Bloomberg News, Financial Times, San Francisco Business Times, KGO Radio, San Francisco Chronicle, SF Examiner, KQED, Business Insider, and Curbed.

Here is a selection of some of the more recent articles from the current year in which our market reports and/or our chief market analyst have been referenced, sometimes at length and sometimes simply for a specific statistic. Please note that we don’t necessarily agree with the viewpoint or conclusions expressed in any particular article. Sometimes our statistics are taken out of context, separated from a fuller explanation, which limits their meaningfulness, and sometimes the quotations excerpted miss the main point being made in the interview. Finally, we are much more reluctant making predictions for the future than most reporters, “pundits” and “experts”.


SFGate, August 1, 2016:

Marina Times, August 1, 2016:

Marina Times, August 1, 2016:

SFist, 7/28/16:

Financial Post, 7/29/16:

Bloomberg News, 7/27/16:

KGO Radio interview, 7/22/16:

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Mansion Global (WSJ), 7/7/16:

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San Francisco Business Times, 6/21/16:

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Business Insider, 6/7/16:

San Francisco Business Times, 6/7/16:

Bloomberg News, 6/7/16: interview regarding SF luxury real estate market

The Registry, 6/6/16:

SFGate, 6/6/16:

Curbed SF, 6/3/16:

The Registry, 6/1/16 interview

Mansion Global, 6/1/16:

SF Chronicle:

Mansion Global (Dow Jones), 5/10/16:

KRON 4 News, 5/3/16:

Marina Times, May 2016:

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Fortune, 4/15/16:

Business Insider, 4/15/16


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KGO Radio interview, 1/22/16

Interview with the Financial Times and Urban Land magazine, 1/19/16, articles forthcoming

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KGO Radio interview, 1/5/16


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