Selling-What You Can and Cannot Control

23 Feb Selling-What You Can and Cannot Control

What You Can’t Control:


  • The past: what you paid for your home at purchase
  • The size, location and general amenities of your home (generally speaking)
  • General economic circumstances
  • Local market conditions and current fair market valuesWhat You Can Control:
  • Timing as to when to put the property on the market
  • Preparing the home, inside and out, to show at its best
  • Pricing as close to fair market value as can be ascertained by rational analysis
  • Marketing the property to reach every potential buyer and every agent who might have a buyer, and motivating them to see your home as soon as possible
  • Pre-sale inspections and property disclosure management
  • Buyer qualifying to ascertain financial capability to complete the sale
  • Contract negotiation to achieve the best achievable sales price and terms
  • Liability management and statutory compliance at every step of the process (in a highly litigious state)
  • Transaction management to close the sale as quickly and smoothly as possible (without renegotiation)
  • The listing agent you hire to represent your interests and execute on your priorities and decisions, and all the critical issues described above
    The quality of the agent working on your behalf—his or her competence, integrity, work ethic
    and commitment to your interests—can make an enormous difference in the outcome
    of the sale of your home: in money, stress, time, in future happiness.