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SF real estate home Median Price April 2018

15 Apr Yet Another Dramatic Jump in SF Real Estate

Yet Another Dramatic Jump in San Francisco Median House Price to over $1,600,000April 2018 Report Consumer confidence is still soaring, and buyers continue to push aside concerns about recent financial market volatility, federal tax law changes affecting Bay Area homeowners, and interest rate increases, to fuel heated neighborhood...

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SF Market News Bay Area Real Estate Chart Graph 2018 Luxury Homes Sales

15 Mar No Let-Up in Demand So Far in 2018

  San Francisco Real Estate No Let-Up in Demand So Far in 2018   March 2018 Update ------------------------------------------------------------   So far in 2018, the market seems to have brushed aside any concerns about increasing home prices, rising interest rates, and new federal tax law changes. It is still very early in the...

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