Sunset: Central/Outer

The Sunset District is the largest district within the city, covering the west side of San Francisco. Golden Gate Park forms the neighborhood's northern border, and the Pacific Ocean or more specifically, Ocean Beach, forms its western border. The south is bordered by Sloat Boulevard, and on the east by a vague boundary roughly around 7th Avenue. Since this neighborhood was built on a numerical and mostly alphabetical grid pattern, it is very simple to navigate. Lovely rows of homes line the Sunset side of "The Avenues", with the vast majority of the housing constructed between 1920 and 1950. A mostly residential area, the Sunset District however also holds many pockets of conveniences to shops, restaurants, schools, and parks. Public transportation with Muni and bus stops are available throughout, making this neighborhood one of the most ideal for many home-owners. Inner Sunset is a popular subdistrict full of shops.

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