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Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 17. Age Breakdown

15 Dec San Francisco & Bay Area Demographics Charts & Graphs

Hi Friends!

I hope you are doing well and spending some time with loved ones over the holidays. We will be in Australia for a bit, visiting and reconnecting with family as well as seeing one of the “7 Wonders of the World”, the Great Barrier Reef.

Last month, I was so busy working on my annual Thanksgiving card I didn’t get around to our monthly newsletter. Writing it is a very time-consuming endeavor but one that is really important to me, as I get to focus on gratitude. I have been intentionally practicing gratitude every day, both at work with my team and at home. My kids and I recently started a gratitude journal, which is fun because while they seem to forget about all the fabulous things we do and what a great life they have, now we have it on record!

Ironically, I missed expressing gratitude to all of you who helped donate to the Napa Fire victims – as you may recall, we started a campaign and offered to match up to $5K in donations. We didn’t quite get there but we did raise $2,240. We went ahead and donated $5,000 ourselves, so in the end we were able give fire victims a grand total of $7,240 in donations. Additionally, we are proud that we’ve given back 3% of our profits to local charities and we are looking to increase that number next year.

Our newsletter this month is a fun one, where we take a look at who lives in SF. I always find it interesting when my perceptions, based on my current experience and expectations, are way off. For instance, I was surprised to see that only 1.8% of SF the population is Indian. Since my husband is Indian and we have tons of Indian friends, I thought that it was more like 20%! I found this same scenario repeating itself as I read through the list. Anyway, it’s kind of fun to check out. I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you need anything at all. My team has more staff members per transaction, than any real estate team in the Bay Area, and for this reason, we are able to provide the highest level of service and be here for you when you need us.

I’m wishing you the best this holiday season. As we gear up for a busy and fruitful 2018, we would love an introduction to any friends you have that are considering buying or selling. Most importantly, thank you for all your support. We wouldn’t be here without you.



Who We Are; Where We Come From; What We Believe;
How We Live; What We Do; Money Earned & Money Spent

SF Market Report December 2017

While waiting for final data on the feverish 2017 real estate market to arrive, we thought to step back from homes and, instead, look at the people who live in them. There is no city and metropolitan area quite like San Francisco and the Bay Area, and here are some of the details. Compiled solely for your entertainment and, perhaps, mild edification.
Depending on data source, these analyses pertain to either San Francisco alone, or to a multi-county San Francisco Metro Area, as delineated on each chart.

Dozens of updated real estate analyses can still be found here: Paragon Market Reports

Ethnicity, Race, Ancestry & Language
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 1. ethnicity race ancestry
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 2. language spoken at home, asian, spanish, english
Religious and Spiritual Practices & Beliefs

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 3. Religion Catholic Jewish Muslim Buddhist Atheist Agnostic Protestant
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 4. Beliefs Practices Prayer Evolution Heaven Hell Meditate Scripture
A Selection of Miscellaneous Data Points

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 5. Trees Dogs Parking Tickets Poverty Children Car Break-Ins Babies born HOmeless Parks
Education, and Income by Education & Sex

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 6. Education College Bachelor Degree AA Degree High School
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 7. Median Income by Degree of Education & by Sex Gender
Employment, Wages & Commuting

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 11. Employment farming manufacturing real estate arts entertainment construction health care retail finance insurance science, tech education
The Bureau of Labor statistics analyzes average annual wages for over 700 local
occupations in the SF metro area. Below is a sampling of approximately 50 of them.


Spending Money

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 9. Expenditures in housing, social security, transportation, healthcare, eating out, alcoholic beverages, fruits, vegetables
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 10. Spending money in wigs cigarettes prescription drugs beverages watches bucks charity housekeeping

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 16. Presidential Election Voting
A Selection of Miscellaneous Percentages

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 15. Adult Smokers, Obesity, Disabled, LGBT
The Ages of San Francisco

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 17. Age Breakdown

Selected Statistics by San Francisco ZIP CODE

Income, Age, Education, Foreign Birth & Homeownership

Looking at this first chart below, you may wonder why neighborhoods like Pacific Heights and Russian Hill do not show up at the top of the income table, and why South Beach and the Presidio do. First of all, the zip codes for both Pacific Heights and Russian Hill include other, much less affluent neighborhoods: For example, the zip code for Russian Hill runs all the way into the Tenderloin, and that for Pacific Heights includes most of the Western Addition. Both zip codes also include many renters under long-term rent control. Both these situations skew their median household income figures lower.

On the other hand, the South Beach area is a recently built neighborhood, not long ago filled with parking lots and small commercial enterprises, but now filled with luxury condo buildings. The condos are quite expensive and since all the buildings have been built since 1990, there is no rent control, which means its renters generally pay high market rents. Whether owner or renter, one has to be earning a very substantial income to live there. The Presidio, and we are talking about the park (which contains rental housing), is under federal jurisdiction, so it too is exempt from rent control, and, of course, since it is right next to Pacific and Presidio Heights, its market rents are also quite high, which likewise affects income requirements accordingly.

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 19. Median Household Income by zip codes
Unsurprisingly, degree of education correlates strongly with household income figures.

Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 20. Most Educated Zip Codes
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 21. Foreign-born residents in zip codes
Bay Area SF Demographics Charts - 22. perent housing owner occupied in zip codes

How Americans Spend the Hours of Their Days

Unhappy Statistics about Crime

The data herein is from a wide variety of third party sources deemed reliable – much of it from national, state and local government data sources – but it may contain errors, and is subject to revision. When the term San Francisco Metro Area is used, it signifies that the data includes various nearby counties outside the city, however different organizations vary in which counties they include in that description. Different analyses often pertain to somewhat different time periods. All data should be considered approximate or good-faith estimates.

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