5 Things To Know Before Moving To San Francisco

Thinking about moving to San Francisco but don’t know where to start? Here are 5 pro tips to make it a smooth move.

Understanding the Microclimates

One thing that really stumps people in San Francisco is the weather. The weather in San Francisco is very nuanced. Sometimes when I’m touring homes I make my way from the north end of town all the way to the south end of town and I often start with a jacket, then a t shirt, and then in a jacket.

If you lived in San Francisco for a while, you know that you should always dress in layers and that often you can have three seasons in one day.

Neighborhood Nuances

While SF is a small city there are so many different neighborhoods to choose from that each offer their own energy and character. Just like there are microclimates, there are also micro neighborhoods. For instance, Bernal Heights is a neighborhood that really feels like four neighborhoods in one.

You’ve got the north side of town, the south side of town, Holly Park and St Mary’s Park. Or the difference between Liberty Hill and Noe Valley. Neighborhoods are also very nuanced in San Francisco. So wrapping your head around that is a pro tip.

Cost of Living in San Francisco

Broadly speaking, the average price per foot is $1,000 but the range is so vast and it could range anywhere between $800 a square feet up to $2,000. Price largely depends on many factors like home versus condo or TIC, the neighborhood, the views, the property itself and of course the time of year in which you are buying.

Working with our team, we take you through an exercise that helps you identify what areas and products are possible within your parameters so that you’re never wasting time on searching for something that does not exist in your budget.

Understanding the School Lottery System

A lot of people want to buy a house in a good school district but in a place like San Francisco, depending on the age of your children this may not be a criteria you want to consider. San Francisco runs on a school lottery system where there are several different criteria for which school you will be granted and living in the neighborhood is one of the last criteria the school district considers so it does not always mean that if you live in that neighborhood, you will get into that school.

The lottery system is in the process of changing currently and can be ever changing. So depending on your situation it may be a criteria that we’d advise you not to consider.

Working With An Agent Who Understands The SF Real Estate Market

It will make a world of difference in your experience. Our team deeply understands the San Francisco market so whether you are new to San Francisco or have been here for years I guarantee you that you will feel like an SF pro in no time through our upfront education and understanding San Francisco and all that it has to offer.

If you are considering a move, we have fantastic resources on microclimates and neighborhoods right here on our website. If you just want more information on buying or selling feel free to contact me or subscribe to our YouTube channel if you’d like more videos like this.

June 27, 2023
Living In San Francisco
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