Buyer Success Story: Finding the perfect home in the extraordinary $5M+ market

House Hunting Off Market 

We had been working with our 19th Street buyers for quite some time. We find that on homes priced over $5M that it takes much longer to find a perfect fit for our buyers. As price points go up, quite naturally, so do expectations. Inventory is often tighter (even though some of these properties take longer to sell) and it always seems that the home our buyers want, is the same one that every buyer wants.

We typically make it a habit of calling the top listing agents, in the areas where we are looking, every 10-14 days to find out if they might have signed something new. After a while, they start calling us :). We were fortunate enough to get our buyers in to see this particular house the first day on the market. Months prior, we knew it was coming, but the agent decided she didn’t want to show it until it was completely ready. We had our eyes on it, and we were ready.

When my buyers saw the home they finally knew they had found the one. Luckily, they had seen enough comparable inventory and had the data points to know that the seller’s price was a fair one. They had no reason to hesitate. Within 24 hours of seeing the home, we managed to snag it off the market with a pre-emptive offer and our buyers couldn’t be more thrilled!! I’m so happy for them. Read on to hear from them about their experience.


Buyer Success Story


“Having spent the last 1.5 years looking for a house to purchase in San Francisco, we truly believe that having the right real estate agent is critical. Admittedly, when we first began to look for houses, we did not think that this was going to be the case at all.

Ruth was absolutely amazing throughout our search and in guiding us through this insane real estate market. She was always able to get us into the “good” houses before they hit the market – in the 1.5 years that we were looking, we never saw a transaction occur that we hadn’t at least considered. In this regard, it became clear that Ruth has an extensive network of developers and other real estate agents that she can leverage for your benefit.

While getting into houses early is critical, she also listens very closely to what your priorities are and will not waste your time on places that won’t work. That said, she is also very good at showing you houses that will be useful as comps for when you do eventually find the right place. It’s a delicate balance that she’s strikes exceedingly well.

Most importantly, we never felt as though she was trying to pull the wool over our eyes or that she was speaking beyond her actual knowledge. Her guidance on the price for which homes ended up selling was shockingly accurate. She would also readily admit if she wasn’t sure about some particular characteristic of the house, property, or area and would invariably come back with an answer very quickly.  In short, we always felt as though she was being frank and honest.

In short, it was a true pleasure to work with Ruth. Given the amount of time that she spent helping us, what started as a transactional relationship quickly became a friendship. We would recommend her without any reservation to anyone looking for someone to help them navigate this ridiculous market.”

– JC and SC

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On average, we are getting buyers into contract in less than two offers.  Depending on the season and price point, the timing can be as little as a 1-6 weeks. If you know anyone who is thinking of buying or selling, please connect us. We’d love to help them find their perfect home.

It’s because of stories like these that I absolutely love the work that I do and the people I get to work with. As my clients know, we are always here for them! Please send us an introduction to anyone you know who might be thinking of buying or selling. It’s never too early to consult a Realtor for ideas and strategies.

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June 20, 2019
Success Stories
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