Cost-effective Renovations That Have The Highest ROI 

You’re just starting your home search and you’re looking for a fixer upper where you can add some sweat equity. Maybe you’ve already moved into your new home and you want to know what renovations will give you the highest ROI without breaking the bank. 


Here are four things you can do on the interior of your home that are cost-effective and can make a huge difference in your home, especially if used together.


  • Paint – Nothing refreshes a home more than a fresh coat of paint. Painting your home is not limited to just painting the walls, trim, and ceiling. New paint colors on cabinets in both the kitchen and bathrooms, can revitalize your space. If you are painting cabinets, consider swapping out the hardware as well. New handles and pulls are the perfect finishing touch to update the cabinets and drawers. 


  • Flooring – Refinishing your worn hardwood or stripping the outdated stain from your flooring can revitalize your space. If the home has carpet or outdated tile, consider installing hardwood floors. Hardwood is definitely the preferred choice for most buyers. 


  • Countertops – Nothing will date a kitchen more than old countertops. Outdated countertops can be very polarizing and show the age of the home. Switching out old granite or white tile counters to a trendy stone like marble, quartz, or even a concrete look can make a difference. Kitchens are a focal point in every home, and investing in updates here will provide you with great returns. 


  • Lighting – Change out light fixtures! The right light fixture can bring much-needed light to a dark room and bring life into an otherwise understated space. This is a very easy way to bring trendiness to a room.  


These are the things we consistently recommend to our clients. Most of our listings go through at least a couple of these updates before they come to market. 


Thinking of selling your home? Contact us if you want recommendations on how to improve the ROI of your space.

October 27, 2022
Selling a Home
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