Moving out of SF? Find a great agent with the Compass app

Find A Great Real Estate Agent With The Compass App

As a seller you may be thinking of moving out of the area. You may not know anyone in the area that you’re thinking of moving to. You don’t have any colleagues, friends, or family to recommend a good real estate agent to work with.


Unfortunately, the industry actually makes it very difficult to find information about how many deals an agent is doing, what is their average price point, how much experience do they have. You’re relying on websites to sift through information to figure out who is a good Realtor. I’ve actually had this problem myself and I’m in the industry.


I make it a point to know Realtors all around the country to refer my clients to, and I’m really good at doing this specifically in the Bay Area. But often clients reach out to me in areas where I don’t know anyone and then I often spend hours reaching out to agents and my network in an attempt to connect them with an agent that’s a great fit for them. In these cases I’m relying on the agent to give me accurate information about their sales and their sales history. It’s very time consuming.


Luckily Compass just came up with a great tool to save us time in this area. The ‘find an agent’ tool is one of my favorite things Compass has developed. Let me show you how it works.


I’m going to go into the Compass app, then I’m going to click on ‘find an agent’ and then I’m going to enter the name of the city. In this case Surfside, Florida. A list of agents comes up. You have both Compass and Non-Compass agents in this list which I have an option to filter. I’m going to filter by price. My clients are looking for a luxury property. They want to buy a lot or buy a move-in-ready luxury property.


I’m going to start searching at about $3 million. I’m going to sort from highest to lowest number of deals because I’m looking for an agent with a lot of experience. I went through and clicked on various agents to see what their average price point was and how many deals they had done.


Ultimately, I chose Liz. After scrolling through a few people I could see that she has a good average price point, she’s done quite a few transactions, she works in the areas that we’re looking for, and I can even scroll down and see her past-sold history in order to make sure that she has sold properties all the way up into the ranges that I’m thinking of, and I can see that she has.


So I call her up, interview her, and make sure that I feel that she’s a good fit, and then I sent her an introduction to my client. After I introduce my clients to Liz, believe it or not, she hired a boat and went out to see some of the best prime property on the waterfront. She was able to locate some off-market properties for my clients, they were able to make an offer, get into contract with a contingency to sell this home that I’m standing in now. And Liz and I work together to protect my seller (and her buyer) while I was working to prep this home to get it on the market. After only one showing we were able to sell this home and then my client was actually able to buy in their prime location as well.


That was a win. If you’re looking for an agent anywhere in the US. Feel free to reach out to me. If I don’t know one already I’ll use this amazing tool to find an agent who has great stats, great experience. I’ll give them a call, vet them, and then I’ll connect you to them.

April 11, 2022
Buying a Home , Selling a Home
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