North Beach SF Condo Before & After Remodel Photos!


21 Jul North Beach SF Condo Before & After Remodel Photos!

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We thought it would be fun to show you a quick “before and after” of a place we sold. Rather than selling a property “as is”, we put a ton of work into each listing to make it look its best.


Because of my design background, I have the ability to identify things that can be done to make a huge difference in the final selling price – and with three other licensed agents on my team, our sellers are getting four times the value of one agent.

This sets us apart from our competition, since many agents suggest only minimal changes, if any. Most of the time, they either don’t have the manpower to manage the work or they simply don’t want to do it.


I wish I had more time to take photos before each property gets a makeover, because the difference is often pretty dramatic. To be honest, we’ve been pretty bad about doing this, because 99% of the time it’s far too hectic with contractors, like painters or flooring specialists, coming and going the same day the seller is leaving.


But, this time, we managed to do it. 165 Pfieffer Street is a listing we sold recently that managed to do so well, it didn’t even appraise :). We took out the carpets and replaced them with beautiful hardwood floors, repainted all the interior walls and kitchen cabinets, and brought in brand new light fixtures. See for yourself how beautiful the changes are in the photos!


165 Pfeiffer Street –



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We are so happy for our seller! If you know anyone who needs our services, please send them our way – we would love to help.



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