San Francisco Purchase Contract Sample

23 Jan San Francisco Purchase Contract Sample

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Below is a sample of the current (4-2014) version of the standard San Francisco Association of Realtors Contract for the Purchase and Sale of Real Property. The contract is, of course, the foundation of the transaction between buyer and seller, and how it is written – how the price and terms are delineated – is of critical importance. There are a number of decisions regarding conditions of sale, due diligence, arbitration, liquidated damages, close of escrow date and so on that will have to be made by the buyer in their offer and ultimately agreed to by the seller, though the final agreement may include changes made in counter offers.

The nature of posting these densely worded pages makes them a bit hard to read. You may wish to increase the size of the page-view using the zoom features on your computer.

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Nothing in the way this sample contract is filled out is meant to be a recommendation for how a specific offer should be constructed. That must be decided by the principals involved according to the circumstances of the transaction. A good agent can help counsel you, though legal advice can only be given by an attorney at law.