Sold For $730K Over Asking With 5 Offers In 7 Days

Another San Francisco Home Sold for Top Dollar – Let Me Help You Too!

I am always proud to share our work and give you concrete examples of how we add value to the home buying and selling process. Recently, I listed a property for $2.7M, and after only 7 days on the market, we received 5 offers, ultimately selling for an impressive $3.430M.

The success of this sale was in no small part due to my expertise in pricing strategy and understanding of what drives prices in the current San Francisco market. My intimate knowledge of the neighborhood and what sells in the area played a critical role in achieving such an exceptional outcome.

In addition, I also used my interior design background to improve the staging to enhance the property’s appeal, editing and rearranging the furniture to ensure each room felt cohesive and welcoming. For instance, I moved the dining room to a new location because it felt awkward, and the result was a more functional space that complemented the home’s overall style.

Another key factor that distinguished this sale was my negotiation strategy. My clients were considering accepting the highest initial offer, but I recommended they counter each offer. The result? An even higher sales price!

Negotiation is a skill that not all Realtors® possess, but I have honed this skill over my years of experience, and it proved to be a huge reason why my clients hired me.

None of this would have been possible without my wonderful clients Cory and Ray. They gave me the opportunity and placed their trust in me to not only get them the highest possible price for their home but to make the process as stress-free as possible. For that I’m grateful.

From Our Sellers

“Our experience working with Ruth was tremendous. We didn’t know her four months ago. We got to know her over the process of entrusting her with the sale of this house and everything went like clockwork.

I felt very happy with the entire process. I felt very comfortable with Ruth. I felt very comfortable with her team and looking back I wouldn’t do anything differently.

There was something about her way that just kind of helped us push through those anxious moments and it all worked out. She walked us through the scenarios in such a way that we picked the ones that worked and that’s not something we would have been able to do on our own. As far as our expectations, they were not only met but exceeded.

We came to Ruth as a result of her marketing. That’s how we found her. And so we had a feeling that she knew what she knew what she was doing in that regard.

When it came to putting our house on the market, we didn’t question anything that was done. The website was great, the videography was great, the photography was great. The words and phrases used to market the house were great.

We’re so happy we made the decision we did to go with Ruth and Ruth’s team to get the job done.

In the negotiation process, Ruth knew all the different scenarios and all the different possibilities about the way things could play out. And because we didn’t, but because we had trust in Ruth, she was able to guide us in a way that we ended up getting more money than we had expected.

I think it’s clear she enjoys the negotiation process and this is probably the point in the process where we were the most stressed. Waiting on the offers. How many would there be? Because we’d heard multiple offers. Will there really be multiple offers?

We were very stressed and there was Ruth cool, calm very professional, walked us right through it. Very experienced in the process and we are very happy with the sale of our home.”

-Cory and Ray, Sellers

As you consider selling your property, it is imperative to partner with a Realtor® who has a proven track record of success and who is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to sell your property for the highest possible price. I am confident we can achieve the same success with your property.

Please reach out to me to discuss your specific needs and if now is a good time for YOU to sell or buy. Schedule a 15 minute call with me, we’d love to help.

April 25, 2023
Success Stories , Selling a Home
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