These Cosmetic Improvements Got Big Results

Knowing What Updates to Make and Doing Them Well Gets Our Sellers the Highest Possible Price For Their Homes

We made thoughtful cosmetic improvements to this home, listed it at $1,795,000 and sold it for $2,310,000. Another home down the street recently sold for $2,100,000 and it had recently remodeled kitchens and bathrooms.

This home is a great example in understanding where the market is today. It’s one of MANY data points I’m seeing that tell me the market has gone up about 20%. The home down the street that I referenced had about $200K more of updates, so you can think of it as a $400K difference between our sale and the neighboring one. Of course, our marketing and home prep played a part too!

We had so much fun bringing my vision to fruition on this home. The before and afters speak for themselves, but let me walk you through the impactful changes that were made.


Cosmetic Improvements Got Big Results


Cosmetic Improvements Got Big Results


First we MAJORLY changed the entry way. When you entered the home you did not feel like you were inside. So we removed the stucco walls (yes that’s right there was stucco INSIDE!) and replaced them with drywall. We changed the light fixtures, removed the tile floor in favor of hardwood. Having one consistent flooring throughout the home is huge in terms of making the home feel cohesive. And it makes it feel larger too!

In the kitchen we started by removing the tile from the walls, painted the cabinets, added new countertops, replaced the tile floor with hardwood and installed some new appliances.


Cosmetic Improvements Got Big Results

Cosmetic Improvements Got Big Results


Additionally we tore out the laminate floor on the main level, changed the lighting throughout, refinished all the floors and did some back yard clean up.

This was a pretty big project to undertake but it was totally worth it. We couldn’t be happier for our sellers. They’ve told us countless times how ecstatic they are with our service. Thank goodness I have a team that helps me manage every detail. Each one of our listings has a designated project manager so we can oversee projects like this. Our sellers just hand over the keys, sit back and wait for the proceeds to hit their bank account.


Cosmetic Improvements Got Big Results


It’s easy to think that properties sell themselves but stories like these show that thoughtful property preparation, correct pricing and solid marketing make a huge difference in the final outcome.

There is no one size fits all approach. Having an experienced agent who is plugged in, innovative, understands and can adapt to the ever changing San Francisco market is critical to being able to buy or sell a home – especially right now. Please reach out with any specific questions. We’re here to help!

Our Stats

We are a Top 5 SF Agent for all sales in 2020 (per MLS). We are ranked in the top 65 small agent teams nationwide in 2020 (per WSJ Real Trends).

86% of the time, we are getting buyers into contract in less than two offers. Depending on the season and price point, the timing can be as little as a 1-6 weeks. For sellers we are making them more money. Our average list to sale price is 3% higher than the city average.

Experience The Difference

I absolutely love the work that I do and the people I get to work with. As my clients know, we are always here for them! Please send us an introduction to anyone you know who might be thinking of buying or selling. It’s never too early to consult a Realtor for strategies. Call the Krishnan Team at 415-735-5867 for a no-obligation consultation. You can also email us at

May 6, 2021
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