Before and After: Inner Richmond

How We Sold This Inner Richmond Home For $315K Over List Price

Taking the time to properly prep a property before it hits the market is essential in order to maximize its value. Before selling a property we spend time analyzing the market and choosing the strategy that is most beneficial to our clients. In most cases making improvements to their home will yield the highest sale price.

This turn-of-the-century-gem in the heart of the Inner Richmond is a two-story home that mixes vintage and modern in equal measure. After some thoughtful changes and upgrades, this single family home at 345 10th Avenue in the Inner Richmond sold for $315,000 dollars over list price!

We decided the best way to maximize the value of this property was to reconfigure the space making a living room a bedroom, which allowed us to have two legal bedrooms instead of one. In general homes with a higher number of bedrooms sell for a higher price. 



We installed new hardwood floors in the kitchen and living room, changed all the light fixtures, re-painted the interior and exterior using an updated color palette. In addition we painted the wood paneling in an unwarranted space to make it feel cohesive with the rest of the house.



Having an experienced team gives us the unique ability to identify those improvements that make the most difference in the final selling price of your home. It also allows us to create a plan, outsource and manage all the work using our extensive network of home improvement professionals.

And through the Compass Concierge program our seller was able to spend $45K on these improvements with no up-front cost to them.



“I chose to work with Ruth after meeting her and two other listing agents. I’ve worked with several agents over the years and I felt very confident that Ruth’s market knowledge, sense of design and her professionalism would guarantee the best possible result. And it did.

Having a realtor who focuses on creating a buying experience that will touch someone deeply enough to write a gigantic check is critical. The difference between selling for $1.3M vs. $1.5M depends entirely on your agent and their team. Ruth’s relationship with other agents and her attention to detail on the staging and finishing touches made a huge difference in the price we got.

But more than anything else, having the privilege and pleasure of Ruth’s support throughout this huge undertaking kept me calm and settled. Letting go of a home, seeing it through someone else’s eyes in and entirely different light, watching a pro manage all the updates, improvements, design, staging and marketing of the property in a perfectly executed whirlwind of work, running against the clock to get it all done, was emotionally exhausting for me. She made it much easier by having a whole team to support us.

With Ruth in charge of everything and on top of it all I felt comfortable. She talked me through every step and question I had, provided constant updates on timings and dates and next steps and made sure I understood all the variables and possibilities.

I can’t say enough positive things about Ruth and her team. If you’d like to connect with me I’d be happy to chat. Ruth can pass along my number.”

-JP, 345 10th Avenue Seller



Due to our vision, execution and access to Compass Concierge we were able to sell this home for $315,000 over the asking price. We want to thank our sellers for trusting us with the sale of their home!

See more of our before and after transformations. To learn more about how we can help you get the most for your home contact us to schedule a free consultation.

October 24, 2019
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