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Real estate agent, mom, friend, professional, dream-maker - there are lots of words I can use to describe Ruth but they all lead to one conclusion - she is amazing and you will not go wrong with her as your choice as your Realtor.

Ami Sanghvi
& Snehal Patel

Real estate agent, mom, friend, professional, dream-maker – there are lots of words I can use to describe Ruth but they all lead to one conclusion – she is amazing and you will not go wrong with her as your choice as your Realtor.

After over a year of being very picky about what we were looking for we are now moved into a beautiful new home because of Ruth’s persistence, professionalism, and experience.  Ruth’s approach is extremely thoughtful and holistic.  She takes the time to listen and learn what it is that we were looking for.  She never once got frustrated with us despite the many times we made her run around to different places.  She is responsive and makes herself available so that she is never the reason we would miss out on seeing a home – something we found to be important giving how quickly houses sell in SF.  If we saw a home and asked her to take a look – she would happily fit it into her schedule and she would always come back with useful information. She has an endless number of positive relationships with other real estate agents in SF – a few Realtors told us how much they liked and respected her when they found out we were working with her.  She commands the respect of her peers and love of her clients because she is just so good at her job.

In our process, we first bid on a home and Ruth was absolutely right in advising us on where we needed to go with our counter-offer if we wanted to win the bid.  She was not at all frustrated with us when we decided not to accept the counter despite the amount of work she had to do to get us to that point.  We ended up purchasing another home months later that was in a neighborhood with lower inventory and thus a LOT of interest in the property.  Ruth guided us through the offer process (at midnight I might add because that is what worked with our crazy schedules) with an impeccable strategic sense of what needed to be done.  I think because of the way that she approached the seller’s real estate agent, the reputation that she has about not playing games, and the professionalism she exhibited, she made sure that we did not end up in a bidding war – which given the interest in the property was expected.  She showed an incredible amount of patience as she went through the offer docs and disclosures with us page by page and authoritatively answering every minor and major question we had that showed her extensive knowledge about the business of selling and buying homes.

Since buying the home, Ruth has remained invaluable to us.  She has a wide network of contacts and has set us up with so many different trustworthy people from an insurance agent to a handyman – she knows good people! I hope all of what I have written gives an idea of what a fantastic professional she is so I will end with this tiny capsule of the kind of person she is even if this is not reflective of her work as a Realtor. After we were in contract on the home, I walked through the home with Ruth going over a few things and casually mentioned that my 4 year old son was excited about the new house because he thought a big fuzzy blanket that was a part of the staging would come with the house.  It was an absolute passing comment – one mom sharing a silly kid story with another mom, nothing more. Fast forward to the day that we closed – we went to the house and found inside a big box addressed to my 4 year old with what other than the big fuzzy blanket inside.  Ruth is amazing – you will not be disappointed with her and you will actually enjoy working with her.


The team was proactive, patient, and willing to help in any way possible to make sure that the buying process moved forward, all the while ensuring that I was informed, and that my interests were being looked after.

Shane Tierney

For anyone looking for a short review, the bottom line is that if you’re looking for an incredible real estate agents that emphasizes data-driven metrics just as much as they do their fantastic, detail-oriented customer service, stop what you’re doing now and call  The Krishnan Team; you will definitely not be sorry that you did.

I relocated from NYC to SF in July of 2016, and given the cost of rental units, I was looking to buy a home as soon as reasonably possible.  The team was a tremendous help since day one, walking me through the differences between the NYC and SF condo markets, as well as the common closing conditions, and a ton of other issues. To make matters even more complicated, my particular loan process was very complex to say the least.

They were proactive, patient, and willing to help in any way possible to make sure that the buying process moved forward, all the while ensuring that I was informed, and that my interests were being looked after.

To give you an idea of just how dedicated the team is, we submitted our offer just before Christmas, and the seller signed the contract on Christmas day. Because I had expressed to them that I wanted to get this wrapped up quickly, she helped me move forward with a fantastic lender, who pushed all of the underwriting and paperwork during the holiday break! They were all over everything that needed to be done, moving the paperwork through at light speed, in concert with the lender and title company. She did such an amazing job of wrapping up the paperwork, that I was able to close in less than 30 days, during the Christmas / New Year break! If that does not show the dedication of the team, I don’t know what would.

I’ve been singing the team’s praises to anyone who will listen for months, and I wouldn’t even consider using another realtor in the future. If Yelp would let me, I’d rate this at ten stars! 🙂

The search she carried out was ruthlessly efficient, and she followed our instructions to the letter
Andrew Fritts

Andrew Fritts

Five stars are not enough to begin to describe the whirlwind of energy and professionalism that is Ruth Krishnan. I am currently petitioning Yelp to allow for a more appropriate level of bonus starring – nothing too ostentatious – just 5-15 more stars.

I have managed salespeople for almost 15 years, and I can honestly say that I’ve never met one with a more perfect blend of faithful commitment to her clients’ stated priorities, relevant knowledge, instinctive grasp of exactly how far a boundary can be pushed, and tireless limitless dedication to her craft and process. I’m not embarrassed to say that I learned more about my own profession by watching Ruth in action.

Details you say? From the first night that Ruth entered our condo for an interview, she blew us away. Research, the right questions, visual aids, and best of all – her patient, graceful listening to our needs, logical and silly. It was what is called a one-call close in my business – we immediately cancelled plans to meet with other realtors and never looked back. The search she carried out was ruthlessly efficient, and she followed our instructions to the letter. When we found the house of our dreams, the purchase process flew by (faster than many of the participants had ever seen before – including some of the pros), and Ruth maximized our positioning in every interaction.

That would have been impressive enough on its own – but then it came time to sell our old condo. Here Ruth reached new heights – assembling an army of professionals to paint, landscape, clean, and stage our place with a week. When her yard calculator under-estimated the amount of mulch for the landscapers – Ruth bought, hauled, and spread 10 new bags of mulch herself in order to hit our deadlines. Then she somehow got our property listed as a featured property in the business section of the Chronicle.

Through it all, Ruth stayed unerringly on budget, and updated us multiple times a day on every development. We have no idea how she has time for any clients but us – given how focused her attention to our process has been.

For as long as we buy and sell real estate in San Francisco, we will unreservedly recommend Ruth to our friends, family and strangers on the street who will give us a second to hear how amazing she was.

Ruth is a treasure in a cluttered sea of average. Possessing a genuine care for her clients, she aggressively pursues the deal and is not afraid to ``crack the whip`` when needed on whoever needs it.

Jen Dizio
& Keith Martin

Words cannot adequately express my deep and profound gratitude for the services of Ruth Krishnan.
As a first-time homebuyer in the United States, we really had no idea what to expect. We moved from a competitive real estate market (London), but heard horror stories about buying homes in San Francisco: having to write multiple offers, taking months, even years before getting into a home. So when we set about trying to find a real-estate agent, I knew that we’d need someone who was smart (knew the market inside and out), tough (but fair) and would be willing to go the extra mile for us. Ruth turned out to be all these things and more.

From the moment she first came to meet my husband and I late on a Monday evening — going out of her way to accommodate our chaotic schedules – I knew she was our agent. While we waited for our property to close in London, Ruth began educating us to the real estate market: sending listings, market trends, and neighborhood information. Thus by the time we were ready to start looking, I felt as though we were already well-prepared. Somewhat miraculously (though also indicating that Ruth knew our tastes very well), we found a property on our second weekend! Ruth coached us along the way as we prepared to make our offer, sitting down with us for hours as we pored over disclosure documents and discussed our strategy. She read (and proofread!) our letter to the buyers and prepared everything for the Tuesday afternoon offer.

Without rehashing the entire saga, Ruth was instrumental in negotiating with the seller’s agent until 9pm that evening to ensure that our offer was accepted. And it WAS! Our first offer written and accepted! But the excitement didn’t stop there, as the very next day our mortgage broker informed us that he was unable to secure us the rate promised due to some issues (always issues…) with the property conversion. Again, Ruth immediately set into action and within 6 hours had found us a new and better mortgage offer (thank you Eva Starnad at Union Bank!). But it that weren’t enough, complications with the property assessment put the closing date in jeopardy. Once again, Ruth stepped up to the plate and worked tirelessly with the bank, the assessor and us to see that our mortgage was approved. And it was – two weeks later we moved in….rest assured, Ruth Krishnan will move mountains (or cable cars) to see that your goals are realized.

I am thrilled to have met and worked with the finest agent, who I now consider a lifelong friend.

I have decided to give Ruth the title of ``Master Agent``

Holly Hirshfield
& Alan Peterson

I have decided to give Ruth the title of ‘Master Agent’. She is an absolute pro at her job and in this very tough market she got my family into a fantastic home – it was our second offer but the first home we’d seen over several months that we really, really wanted. I was getting ready to walk away from the SF market because I just didn’t think we could find what we wanted in a home at a price we could pay. Ruth helped us get it.

I feel fairly confident we’d still be frustrated and searching if not for her expertise. I met Ruth through 2 friends who’d successfully purchased homes with her. I knew in this market we needed an agent who was consummately professional, driven to win, ethical, strategically-minded, an expert about the SF market, and fun to work with. Ruth exceeded my expectations at every turn. She was supportive of our process – getting to know the market, taking a break from house-hunting when life got hectic with our jobs and two kids, and re-assessing our purchase price and goals for a home after we’d had a chance to really understand what we needed and wanted.

When it came time to make that offer, Ruth was coaching us as soon as she understood our level of interest in the house. Her strategies played out as she anticipated. They required some work on our part and I’m so glad we followed her advice. On the day offers came in she kept us apprised every step of the way. We weren’t surprised or upset when we had to up our offer a small amount and I’m quite sure her advice to increase it when we did kept us out of an expensive bidding war.
As we went through escrow Ruth continued to show that she pays attention to the details, anticipates clients’ needs and lenders’ requirements, and makes sure everyone understands what’s going on. We wish everyone we worked with in this home-buying process could be as proficient as Ruth.
Ruth goes above and beyond at every turn. As we’ve just closed on the house this week, she sent us a list of web links to the utilities we should set up, USPS address change, and made practical suggestions like changing the locks immediately. She also had referrals for all the minor projects – from must-do to frivolous – that we’ll do before we move in.

Bottom-line: She is damn good at her job and she’s the agent you want in San Francisco.

Had we gone with a realtor any less tenacious, market-aware or invested than Ruth, our sale price would have been significantly lower
Lynn Fisher

Lynn Fisher
& Tom Bogart

My husband and I cannot recommend Ruth Krishnan highly enough!

With Ruth as our agent, we recently sold our Glen Park home for much, much more than we’d imagined possible. You might think that other realtors would get similar results – it’s all about good market timing, scarce supply, and low interest rates, right? But having just gone through the process, we now understand how much impact a realtor can have – and Ruth’s impact was tremendous. Specifically:

— Ruth helped us strategize and prioritize pre-sale upgrades to our home. She then managed the agreed upon improvements from start to finish, and we were amazed at the transformation. (Afterwards, some of the same buyers that had passed on an early, pre-improvement off-market showing came back with offers much, much higher than the original off-market asking price.)
— Ruth and her team put an incredible amount of time and money into the staging and the marketing of the house. The website, the high quality staging that matched the aesthetic of our house, the neighborhood party, the glossy brochures – these all transformed a nice, modest home into a high-end gem.
— Once we we were showing the house and continuing throughout the contract phase, Ruth remained in daily contact on how things were progressing and what we could do to help the process.
— We were particularly impressed with how she handled the appraisal. Our house was at risk of not appraising, due to the high offer price and a lack of direct comps. But Ruth pulled together a wealth of information for the appraiser derived from her own painstaking research (comps in similar neighborhoods, etc.) to help ensure that our house did indeed appraise.
— Our first contract fell through on the buyers’ end very late in the process. This was a stressful moment for us, but Ruth immediately got things rolling again, all the way through a second listing, which was even more successful than the first. Ruth’s tenacity really shone through here – I can imagine a lot of agents might scale back their investment once the sale becomes at difficult, but Ruth did just the opposite. (And mind you, she did all this with a two-week-old newborn at home…)

At first, we didn’t understand how a realtor could invest so much extra time and money without passing the fees directly to us, but we realize now that it’s because Ruth knows she has skin in the game. That is, she knows from experience that her up-front investment more than pays for itself in the impact it has on the final price.

In retrospect, we truly believe that had we gone with a realtor any less tenacious, market-aware or invested than Ruth, our sale price would have been significantly lower. As an added bonus, we just really liked her – she was always honest and up-front without ever being curt, and even as the expert in the arena, she regularly sought (and welcomed) our feedback, questions and opinions.

We feel so, so lucky that we chose to work with Ruth over any other possible agent! If we could make these five stars sparkle and shine, we would!

You will know you are in capable hands with Ruth Krishnan
Wendy Sue Joshua horn2

Wendy Sue
& Joshua Horn

You will know you are in capable hands with Ruth Krishnan as your agent. We sold our condo in NOPA at the beginning of this year and then bought a single family home shortly after. We were in such good hands with Ruth and couldn’t be happier with her service.

First of all, this was my first experience buying and selling and Ruth did a fantastic job educating me on every step in a way where I felt empowered without being overwhelmed. She was point person on all of the upgrades and maintenance we had done on our original place before it hit the market. In addition to making sure what we wanted was done, she added a few touches herself and took care of some of the cost!

We were impressed with her strategy for marketing the house and the results were obvious. There was a line outside our building on the first day of the open house and over 200 people ended up coming by. We ended up with 7 offers, one of them being over 150K over asking!! Keep in mind the market was hot but this was before it really spiked.

When it was time for negotiations we felt like Ruth totally had our back. She was a bulldog when she needed to be and was also gracious and professional at all times. We received great guidance from her and at the same time she was always reminding us that the decisions were ultimately ours. We never felt pressured by her in any way.

When it came to buying we got lucky in many ways. However, Ruth’s ability to put together an organized, detailed offer helped ours stand out over the people we were bidding against and we ended up getting the very first house we wrote an offer on in an incredibly competitive market.

Throughout the entire process, Ruth was ethical, reliable, responsive, reassuring, full of guidance and good information and extremely friendly and enjoyable.

You will be spending a great deal of time with your agent as you sell or buy and Ruth is down to earth and easy to be with. This was just the cherry on top of an extremely satisfying experience. If you want to be in good hands, have a pleasant experience, and make the most of your money, you have to go with Ruth!

She was all things to us during this crazy time. Advisor, Cheerleader, Psychologist, you name it!

Melissa Nickolopoulos
& Bob Nickolopoulos

I don’t even know where to begin to try and explain everything we went through in purchasing our first home. There we so many times when we wanted to give up. So many things went wrong. So many heartbreaks. If it wasn’t for our amazing agent we’d probably still be renters.

Ruth Krishnan truly is an unbelievable professional and person. She was all things to us during this crazy time. Advisor, Cheerleader, Psychologist, you name it! She was always available with great advice, encouraging words, and the occasional cocktail when it really got rough!

The seller of the home we chose was the do-it-yourself type who’s work ethic and skill was, shall I say “half ass” to say the least. The house looked to be in move in condition cosmetically. However, everything changed when we had the inspections. Virtually all of the “upgrades” the seller had done were not permitted AND not up to code. And not up to code was an understatement. Downright fire hazards.

We were heartbroken. Ruth stepped in and willed this thing to work out. Through her incredible determination and and creative tenacity she got the seller to spend 10s of thousands of dollars to have professionals come in and fix all the damage he’d done. She also made sure the contractors that did the work got paid and that everything was permitted and inspected.

Though we had such a difficult time, I am so grateful to Ruth that she saw it through to the end, and we now live in a house that we are completely in love with. I can’t thank you enough, Ruth!

One side note…

After months and months of talking everyday, working together, even commiserating together, we got the house and then we were so busy we didn’t talk to Ruth for a while. I found myself missing her. Just then she called and offered to take us to a celebratory dinner! What a great time it was! She has become our dear friend and I hope it stays that way for a long time!

We more than got our money's worth

Lena Schneider
& Marc Boulanger

Over the last couple of months we have learned how (in)valuable it is to have a truly professional, passionate real estate agent in your corner, particularly in a competitive market like San Francisco. We have purchased and sold properties in a few cities prior to this, and were generally left with the question, “what did we just pay _% for??” Working with Ruth and her team has left us with “we more than got our money’s worth” and they actually kept the process (mostly) enjoyable somehow.

We had actually interviewed another team recommended to us, and while we weren’t particularly impressed we thought that it makes no real difference. About a day before signing however, we got one passionate recommendation for Ruth and her team, basically telling us we HAVE TO at least talk to them. We did, and were immediately impressed that they wanted to check out the place and talk prior to presenting, something that scored credibility points over the other team who just came over and told us how it is without prior contact. The presentation was informative, eye opening in a few ways, and we learned that we were also misinformed on a few things by the other agents (most notably, we were told that stagers would not work with couples with toddlers, not so.)

In the process of staging, we were taken back by the level of detail that we got into in preparing our condo for staging/sale. Must say that it was much more work than we had anticipated. However, it was well worth it in the sale price, and when we couldn’t manage prep jobs between 2 careers and an 18 month old, they came over to meet people, and even rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. We’ve never seen or expected that, and it was a huge help at crunch time.

It is easy to say that we have a great place/location, it is a hot market, or attribute things to marketing online or luck, I know we did. But what we saw in this sale is that a significant portion of our profits (and sanity) coming out of it, we can attribute to this team. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

We wish that we could clone her to take charge of other realms of our life
Screenshot 2015-09-20 16.21.39

Pia Chatterjee
& Arvind Nithrakashyap

We’d heard that buying a house was an incredibly stressful process, but I have to say, we have no experience of it.

Ruth was incredible! Very knowledge about SF – (she introduced us to 3 really fun new neighborhoods that we’d never heard of, despite living in SF for 7 years!) – incredibly focused, committed and passionate about her job, she found us a house that we absolutely love in less than a month. From listening to our long list of requirements and understanding our budgets, to showing us many, many houses, each of which met our exacting requirements, to taking charge of the closing process, down to every small detail, Ruth made sure that my husband and I remained informed and in-control, while having to do almost no work at all.

As first time home buyers, we could not have asked for a better guide than Ruth, without whom we would never have found as marvelous of a home as the one that we now own.

Now that we are done with the process of home buying, we find that we miss our interactions with Ruth, and find ourselves wishing that we could clone her to take charge of other realms of our life.

From the very start to the close of escrow, we sold our house in six weeks flat.

Jenny Rios

From the very start to the close of escrow, we sold our house in six weeks flat.
Working with Ruth has been a delight. I am also in the service industry and I understand that clients no longer want to be simply satisfied, but want to feel delighted with their experience.
Ruth helped with the nuts and bolts of preparing our house for market; from simple recommendations for painters to the most trusted inspectors. Ruth offers a great perspective on the latest market trends, as well as up-to-the-minute current happenings within our micro-neighborhood.
In addition, Ruth brought in a handful of realtors to help get a gauge for where we might price the property. Long and short of it is, Because of Ruth’s “pre-show” our property never went to market, saving us loads of money in staging costs AND securing significantly more money than our anticipated asking price.
Ruth is a down-to-earth, friendly pit bull who represented us well and never let her guard down. She prepared us, protected us and positioned us for what could not have been a more successful sale.
From the very start to the close of escrow, we sold our house in six weeks flat.
It is with pleasure that I strongly recommend Ruth Krishnan for your next real estate venture.

In 7 days we had 10 offers and sold for a price that far exceeded our expectations
Mark A

Mark Ayzenshtat

Ruth is phenomenal. Having worked with several other brokers in the past to find
homes for myself – and my parents – I can say unequivocally that she’s
truly as good as it gets. She has a top-notch understanding of her craft
and the local market. Ruth quickly sized up what I was looking for and –
with the calm confidence of someone who has seen it all – explained what it
would take to get it. Anyone who’s worked with other real estate or home services
professionals will know that these qualities are by no means universal or very common.
Dan R

Dan Racanelli
& Leslie Racanelli

We are so grateful that we found Ruth Krishnan and her team. We needed to sell our San Francisco home in a hurry, and in the span of three short weeks, Ruth coordinated quotes from staging and construction teams, scheduled and oversaw painting and construction projects, completed building and pest inspections, prepared awesome marketing materials, and had the house listed and ready for viewing. In 7 days we had 10 offers and sold for a price that far exceeded our expectations thanks to her excellent market-based strategy, flawless execution, and tremendous people skills. During this three-week whirlwind, Ruth made the whole process painless–she was meticulously organized, always in control, quick to respond, ready with expert advice, and supportive of our decisions. 

In addition to being an absolute professional, she is wonderfully personable and we sincerely enjoyed working with her and her team.  We truly felt that she was acting in our best interest every step of the way, giving us her honest opinion when we needed it without ever being pushy. 

Ruth went above and beyond at every stage of the process, and we can’t thank her enough for all of her amazing work. She has our highest recommendation and our sincere gratitude.
She is completely on top of her game, she knows the San Francisco real estate market incredibly well

Sita Chokkalingam
& Kartik Pillutla

I highly recommend Ruth Krishnan as a real estate agent– don’t hesitate at all to give her a call!

When we were getting ready to list our home for sale, I knew Ruth was the realtor I wanted to work with us.  Ruth has all the qualities I wanted in a real estate agent: she is completely on top of her game, she knows the San Francisco real estate market incredibly well, she responds quickly to calls/texts/emails, she goes out of her way to get the right information to you and to get things done, she has a great group of vendors she works with so that all your needs are met with fantastic results (repairs, painting, staging, photography, media, etc), and she has an eye for design and knows how to market a home to the desired audience (or I would image, on a buyer’s side, would know what could and could not be done in a potential home).

Ruth is also extremely honest and straightforward, traits that were profoundly valuable to us, especially in the field of real estate.  We were a bit stressed as the market seemed to cool down right after we listed, so our sale seemed to take longer than we hoped, but Ruth was good about checking in with us and kept her calm, kept giving us good advice about which offers to take seriously and which to let slide, and the house sold at a price that we were happy with.

Ruth will do whatever it takes.  We truly could not have asked for a better real estate agent.  So go on and give her a call.

Her experience in design and her connections are EXTREMELY VALUABLE assets.

Nicole Alyeshmerni
& Richard Kho

Wow, what can we say? Ruth was our buyers’ agent and she was great to work with! On our relatively long path to finding our home in the difficult SF market, Ruth has been an amazing partner in helping us land our perfect home! And she did this despite our exacting standards, difficult location criteria, and somewhat tight budget. She is thoughtful, patient, detail oriented, and very responsive. And she goes out of her way to provide the level of service that every serious buyer should look for when making what is probably the biggest financial decision in life. Not only is she a great real estate agent, her experience in design and her connections are EXTREMELY VALUABLE assets. We fully expect to ask Ruth to represent us the next time we sell/buy a home and will refer our friends to her.

Stop looking. Hire Ruth.
Ted Melissa Dubasik

Melissa Dubasik
& Ted Dubasik

Ruth is the best! In the last 10 years we’ve purchased a condo, a 3-unit building, a 4-unit building, and a 2-unit building. We’ve sold 8 individual units. So we’ve done a few real estate deals.
We’ve worked with a few different agents over that time, always searching for someone who would listen to us and provide actual insight for the significant commission we’re paying. But we’re done looking because Ruth is the one. If you’re listing with her, she does real market analysis that helps you price your place correctly to get maximum exposure. If you’re buying, she’ll help you find the right place for you and will fight for the best deal. Stop looking. Hire Ruth.

She did so much to help us get the house of our dreams.
REna Bernard Fritts

Rena Bernard Fritts

I absolutely recommend Ruth Krishnan, especially in the current market in SF. We just bought a great house with a back yard across from a playground (we have two young boys) and there were 6 offers. She did so much to help us get the house of our dreams. One of the top offers had 40% cash down with a 30 day close. Due to Ruth’s connections at the bank she was able to get us a 14 day close with only 20% down (good credit helps too). At the end of the day, if the seller can get all the money in 14 days vs. 30 days, the amount down is a wash.

She was also able to work closely with the appraiser (creating a spreadsheet with favorable comps for him), to ensure our house appraised for more than the amount we offered (important for the loan approval).

I highly recommend you interview her, you will not be sorry!

Good luck, it is a tough market but with the right agent, you can find your dream SF home. 🙂

Able to find us the house we were looking for even though the house was not listed!
Belen Medina

Belen Medina
& Mason Cabot

My friend introduced me to Ruth after my fiancé and I had been starting to look for a house to buy in Noe Valley and sell our house in Mission Terrace. When we met Ruth, she really impressed us with her preparation and motivation. She asked us a lot of questions so that she could really get a picture of what we wanted. My fiancé and I had very specific criteria of the location we wanted to live in and the type of home we wanted to find. Unfortunately the inventory of homes with such specific criteria was very low. However, through some out of the box thinking and sheer determination, Ruth was able to find us the house we were looking for even though the house was not listed!
I have and will continue to highly recommend Ruth to anyone looking for a real estate agent/realtor in San Francisco. I can’t imagine any agent working harder for their commission than Ruth. Ruth is everything you want in a real estate agent: she listens, asks the right questions, does her homework, and when it comes time to negotiate, she will help you get to a good outcome. Ruth truly has a passion for her work and I feel very lucky that we had her on our side!

Ruth has a work ethic like no one else in the real estate industry

Wendy Wang

My husband and I bought our first home with Ruth at our side.

After interviewing and trying out two other real estate agents, Ruth was BY FAR the BEST choice we made. Ruth has a work ethic like no one else in the real estate industry, and we trusted her from start to finish. She got us all the information right away, she worked with the sellers agent tirelessly, she lined up inspectors at a days notice. She’s like a fairy godmother that waves her wand and suddenly all the pieces fall in place. Bottom line, we closed escrow in 23 days with financing.

Ruth is part realtor, part therapist and totally amazing. We have recommend Ruth to anyone and everyone that is in the market to buy a home. We are now in our home that we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE thanks to Ruth!

Warm, available, friendly, smart, and aggressive in all the right ways

Beth Winegarner

If you’re buying a house in San Francisco, you couldn’t have anyone better on your team.

This was our first time buying a house, and our first time working with a real-estate agent, but Ruth made everything very easy. We gave her some pretty tough criteria to work with, since we wanted to stay within a very specific part of our neighborhood — and could only afford houses at the lower end of the price range for that neighborhood. When we were lucky enough to find something that met our criteria within a few months, Ruth came up with a strategy that helped us beat out the other offers and convince the seller that we were the right buyers for his house. She also had a Plan B in place in case the offer fell through. Fortunately, we didn’t need it!

Throughout the home-buying process, she explained everything until it made sense, stuck with us and what WE wanted to buy, and really helped make it happen. She was warm, available, friendly, smart, and aggressive in all the right ways. She also has a team of people she works with for title, mortgage, and other aspects of the home-buying process that made the whole adventure seamless. She also threw in a few nice, thoughtful touches to help make moving in easier.

She helped us buy a house in the midst of an exploding market, STILL managing to get us a great deal on a property we are absolutely loving
Raman and Aparna Khanna 2

Raman Khanna
& Aparna Sundaram

Ruth is the BEST! She helped us buy a house in the midst of an exploding market, STILL managing to get us a great deal on a property we are absolutely loving. Not only did she help us find the place and negotiate, when some issues came up during the inspection she helped us get them settled. Can’t recommend her highly enough for buying–notice lots of previous comments are about selling, which perhaps we’ll get to also experience once we’re at that stage (not any time soon we hope!)

Her integrity as a person impressed us greatly
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Diana Lackner
& Tom Lackner

Ruth was recommended to us by a real estate agent/friend in East Bay. My husband and I wanted to help our son buy his first home which was to include space for a home recording studio. This, along with our budget restrictions, limited the type of property that would work for him, but Ruth jumped right in and within a day had us looking at a variety of possible fits. At the same time that we were refining, in our minds, what would work, Ruth was incredibly perceptive as to our needs & aesthetics and was always a few steps ahead of us. In between viewings, Ruth’s extensive knowledge of “The City” and its neighborhoods, afforded us with valuable information as to the; parks, markets, restaurants/bars, coffeehouses, public transportation, geological info. as well investment potential of every neighborhood we visited. She was always available to us and her own business, as an interior decorator in tandem with Real Estate, offered us some knowledge of remodeling costs as well as a source for the trades. Ruth was tireless in her efforts and her integrity as a person impressed us greatly. We did find the perfect property in record time and our son is ecstatic with his new home. And, we all now have found a wonderful new friend.
We would wholeheartedly recommend Ruth to anyone looking for a fabulous Agent.

Really fun to work with, and made a potentially stressful process into a fun adventure.

Jeffrey Zielinski

Ruth is a fantastic agent. We recently bought a house in Noe Valley with her help. This is a very difficult time to buy property in San Francisco due to highly limited supply. Additionally, we live in Hong Kong and lacked enough knowledge about the San Francisco market. Therefore the value-added of a smart and proactive buyer’s agent is VERY important. Ruth helped us identify off-market opportunities which is arguably the least “efficient” and most differentiated part of the market, especially in the context of very limited supply. She has a very strong network of contacts across agents, contractors, former clients, lawyers, inspectors, etc. She also helped position our offer strongly with the buyer to get the contract signed, once we had decided on the best property for us.

Ruth also doesn’t pressure anybody into a house. She will give her own opinions if she thinks a property is a good or weak fit for the client. She also was really fun to work with, and made a potentially stressful process into a fun adventure.

The end-outcome was really perfect, as we got a dream house despite the frothy and supply-constrained market.

We HIGHLY recommend Ruth for anybody buying or selling property in San Francisco!

Instantly got a great feeling about her
Chris and Tom Prountzos

Chris Prountzos
& Tom Prountzos

All I have to say is that Ruth is a total rock star! She helped us buy our first home in the city and we couldn’t be happier. We met her last year at an open house and instantly got a great feeling about her. She put so much time and effort into finding us the perfect home. When we started the process, I don’t think we could even clearly communicate exactly what we wanted (aside from some big must-haves), but she quickly got a sense of our style and didn’t waste our time on places she knew weren’t going to be right for us. In fact, she was the one that reminded us of a fantastic house we had seen but we didn’t put an offer on because we were in the process of going after another place – which I’m so happy we ultimately didn’t get. Because when we went back to see house she suggested, we were surprised that we hadn’t jumped to get it several weeks prior – it was perfect! And now it’s our home! I’m so thankful for Ruth and I recommend her to anyone buying a home – she’s going to be our agent for years to come!

Her creativity, suggestions and attention to detail simply stood out

Shivani Aggarwal
& Nirmal Govind

Ruth helped us buy our condo in the South Beach neighborhood of San Francisco. It was a pleasure to work with her. She was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood and addressed any questions or concerns we had throughout the process. She was extremely diligent about following up with the many people involved including the sales staff, escrow company, and HOA office. We are extremely happy with our condo, the building and the neighborhood and most importantly trusting Ruth’s advice and getting such a great deal that it appears that our equity has improved significantly due to the timing of our purchase.

Ruth is fantastic with interior design and helped us pick out our hardwood flooring and connected us to the right folks for our lighting. Most recently, she helped us pick paint colors for our space and again her creativity, suggestions and attention to detail simply stood out. She really listened to what I was looking for and I am looking forward to our new walls.

In summary, it was a great experience working with Ruth and we highly recommend her.

Using some clever negotiating tactics, we were able to win the bid
Alan Omand 1

Alan Omand

Ruth was my real estate agent on a house I just purchased in the SOMA area of San Francisco. If it wasn’t for her, I would literally have not been able to get the condo. Although I was initially the 4th best offer out of 7, using some clever negotiating tactics we were able to win the bid. Additionally, I was able to close in less than 30 days fully-funded due to her diligence in helping me through paperwork and with the nuances of buying a new place. Thanks Ruth!

She's given blood, sweat and tears to see this through for us
Bob Nickolopoulos

Melissa Nickolopoulos
& Bob Nickolopoulos

A HUGE shout out to our realtor, Ruth Krishnan, for going way above and beyond throughout our home buying process. We are SO very grateful! There isn’t another realtor who’d have picked up the listing agent’s slack and spearheaded the reno/construction the city has demanded of the seller. Totally not her responsibility or obligation, but she’s given blood, sweat and tears to see this through for us. You are AMAZING.

The only person to give me consistently good advice
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Doug Avery

Not only was Ruth probably the only person to give me consistently good advice during the process of buying my first home in San Francisco, she really put in the extra effort to guide a somewhat precarious deal into place.

Even if I’d somehow managed to close without her, it would’ve been a far less pleasant experience. Matter of fact, I’ve been in my place almost 6 months now (and couldn’t be happier), and Ruth is still a helpful resource for all my new-homeowner questions.

She worked with us for months and never gave up!
Robin Irey 1

Robin Irey

Ruth just helped my husband and I buy our first house. She was a pleasure to work from start to finish. She worked with us for months and never gave up! She has an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market and we immediately trusted her to help us navigate this huge purchase. Our relationship quickly turned from client-realtor to friend. What is unique about Ruth as a realtor is her design background. She is expert at helping you visualize each potential home in a way that works for you. I would highly recommend her to any house hunters!

As first time sellers, she had the patience of a saint

Emily Shine

Ruth is an amazing agent! Her knowledge of the market, current and past properties, and neighborhoods is absolutely incredible. As first time sellers, she had the patience of a saint, and we are forever grateful for the time she took in walking us through the process and keeping us on track. She created spreadsheets to help us plan and organize before the sale, and her industry contacts for the preparation work were helpful, responsive, and most importantly, priced competitively. When it came time for the negotiation and contracts, I was especially impressed by how well she navigated the loads of paperwork for us, while always keeping us informed. Ruth is the one you want to take care of those fine details for you, so you don’t have to during such a big transition! Thanks Ruth!

Available at any time, for any question
Jason Roy and Sarah Ridenour

Sarah Ridenour
& Jason Roy

We recently purchased our first home, a condo in San Francisco, and Ruth made it an enjoyable experience. With Ruth, our inexperience never felt like a hindrance, she was there every step of the way to make sure things went as planned. She went above and beyond our expectations and was available at any time for any question. Her commitment to us as a client provided us with a rarely high level of service. If you want a real estate agent who is on your team, we confidently recommend Ruth Krishnan.

I never expected finding a condo would be such a smooth and exciting experience
Gabe Lackner 1

Gabe Lackner

Thank you for all of your help with the loft…I never expected finding a condo would be such a smooth and exciting experience:) We really appreciate all of the work and positive energy you put in…