Is the San Francisco Bay Area Really In A Doom Loop?

Is the San Francisco Bay Area Really In A “Doom Loop”?

It’s September 2023 and we are already several weeks into our very short fall market. In my video I share what you need to know as a home buyer or seller this fall and what we are experiencing on the ground. If you scroll down you’ll find our updated monthly real estate market data including housing prices.

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As further context to the “doom-loop” stories recently dominating media coverage of the Bay Area, it is worth noting that the San Francisco and San Jose metro areas, which together contain the 6 inner-core Bay Area counties, rank at or near the top of U.S. metro-area rankings for educational attainment, household income, health and life expectancy, real estate values, venture capital received, patents held, population diversity, and world-class universities.

The Bay Area is also commonly featured on lists of the most beautiful metro areas in the world. Though San Francisco and the Bay Area clearly face some serious challenges – as indeed they have, in various forms, since Gold Rush days – a grim, downward spiral into socio- economic catastrophe is neither inevitable nor, frankly, remotely likely.


September 18, 2023
Market Updates
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